Letter to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission


I find, that the Universe is sending us signs and hints all the time about all kinds of problems and issues that need to be fixed. In a way, I can imagine, that it is hoping somebody will pick up on it and so something about them. I see the little problems we encounter with our Nuclear power plants as such sings.

In my experience, if I did not listen to subtle hints, the hints got stronger. Instead of a little nudge, I often needed a bloody nose, or a kick in my stomach, to finally change what I was doing, or my approach. The longer I was in denial, the stronger the messages. I now am praying to be able to understand the signs early on, as to not require crisis and pain to learn my lesson.


Today, I received an email from Environmental Action:


Last week there was a 'mishap' at the Indian Point nuclear power plant forty miles north of New York City. Turns out an underground pipe leaked 100,000 gallons of water that would be used to cool the reactor in case it overheated.

Back in March, Indian Point was given the fifth consecutive top safety rating by federal regulators. If leaking out 100,000 gallons of cooling water is the safest nuke plant our country has, it's time to move on from this ridiculous energy source.


Nuclear power plants have always been topic of great distress. So, I followed the request of EA and sent an email to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. And here's what I wrote:


Hello my dear friend,

I'm writing today to remind you, that you have an amazing opportunity to make a big difference in this world, and turn it into a better place! The universe does not make things appear out of or disappear into thin air. It depends on us humans to accomplish what needs to be done.

Nuclear Energy is the dirtiest energy we have. The waste that is produced there stays highly toxic and life-threatening for all living things on this planet for thousands of years. We get a few years of energy, and trade thousands of years of problem for it. Please, please, please, help make an end to this shortsighted, thoughtless and selfish way of generating power.

Germany, over the last decade has turned their power generation profile around completely. Today they receive somewhere around 50% of their electricity from wind power. If Germany can do it, the US should be able to do it, too. Wouldn't you think? I think it is not a matter of "can we do it", but "do we want to do it".

Today, you are being put in the difficult position to decide whether you want to do the right thing, or give in to various powers. Are you strong enough? Or will you too resort to the "I was just following orders" excuse?

In the 60s and 70s in Germany and Austria, kids would ask their grand-parents "How could you have contributed to the Nazi regime?" When you're a grand- or great-grand-parent, you can tell your children proudly, that you stood up against the powerful, and did what was right to do. And they will look at you with eyes wide open of admiration and feel proud of being your grand-child!

Thank you for your consideration and support,


I see it as my responsibility to attempt to wake up the regulators, by providing information. The same information they must have received many, many times; and most likely pondered themselves many, many times. However, what they do with the information is their responsibility.

I am realistic enough to not expect too much of a change. But I am also optimistic enough to hope that sooner or later even the nuclear power lobby and regulators will be able to go beyond their denial and understand the damage they are causing. And maybe my email is the last straw that causes the denial to crack, and with that, prepare for a change later...


I see it is as my responsibility to attempt to make you aware of the situation, by providing that information to you. The same information that many forces are trying to keep away from you, to distort and deflect for many years. However, what you do with this information is your responsibility.


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